I have a love hate relationship with my puppy. I love her because she is adorable, and the sweetest thing on this planet. She is always there when you have a bad day and need something to relax you or cheer you up. She is also there to play and keep you warm at night! I hate puppies because they are stinkers. As soon as you take them outside, they will come back inside and go bathroom on the floor. Then because they are so cute, it’s hard to get mad at them and “teach them a lesson” as some people may call it. The hardest thing for me is figuring out how to discipline this cute little puppy for going bathroom on the floor. She has the cute puppy face that is hard to resist. How did you train your dogs? Did you read puppy training books? I am having a hard time training my cute puppy who I love, and hate all at the same time.


Pink Lily Boutique

Pink Lily is a clothing boutique that is in Bowling Green, Kentucky. I found this boutique on Facebook as I was scrolling through my newsfeed. Their clothing caught my eye so I clicked on their website. From the moment, I started looking at their clothing, I could not stop! I fell in love with their brand and view their webpage and Facebook posts regularly. I follow them on Facebook, subscribe to their emails, and go on their site about once or twice a month. On their Facebook page, they have giveaways and sale items posted at least once a day. They typically come up in my newsfeed so I get updated information this way. They also send me information daily to my email. These are the two ways that I stay up to date on their brand of clothing. I think the sale posts or emails are the most important information to me. I love saving money, so when I can save money and get a cute new top, sometimes I can’t resist. I think there are a couple of ways in which Pink Lily could improve. I am not a fan of their return policy, so I think that could be altered. Also, I think some of their items are a bit overpriced, so I think they should work on their pricing strategy. Overall, Pink Lily is a great brand of clothing that I enjoy following to see what they will come out with next.


“What is the role of social media in today’s marketplace?”

In the past couple of years’ social media has exploded, becoming very important to peoples everyday lives. It is important now more than ever that businesses have a strong presence on social media to reach their target markets, and to fight off negative attention. Social Media has an immense role on today’s marketplace, some of the changes that go along side social media are positive, while other changes are negative. It is important now days that businesses make sure they tread lightly. Anything they do wrong can be amplified on social media to the point where they go out of business, or lose sales from there mistakes. It is true that people talk more about the negative things that happen at a place of business then the positive ones! Along with that social media can help businesses by allowing them to get a feel for what people want. Are people on Facebook looking at your products? If so which products are they looking at or talking about the most. Social media has also allowed businesses to reach their customers in a way that is convenient for the customer. The customer can now click on a link on one of their social media sites and arrive at an online store. Making their shopping decisions quick and easy. Overall, social media has several roles both positive and negative in today’s marketplace that affect both businesses and people.